Monday, 6 May 2013

My Printer Project - Z Axis Redesign

So today a spent a few hours redesigning my Z axis since the old design would have potentially caused some binding issues as the screw was behind the linear guides which would have possibly caused the bed to want to angle down when raising the bed and cause the bed to angle upwards when the bed is being lowered.
         Knowing that when I build this printer I will do all the testing without the enclosure since I will have easy access to all the mechanics and electronics I had to also add a bracket to the top of the Z- stage to which I can mount the stepper motor. Before the stepper motor was designed to mount to the enclosure which was a poor design since removing the enclosure would have meant detaching the coupler and removing the Z axis stepper motor. So now the Z stage is simply two smooth linear rods with a screw in the middle which attach├ęs to the stepper motor at the top. At the top the stepper motor mount to a plastic(3D printed) block which is also where the ends of the smooth linear rods are press fitted into position...and this is similar to the mounting system at the bottom where the three rods meet the base pan where again 3 plastic blocks will be screwed to the base pan which has press fit mounts for the rods. 

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