Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hey Guys. Since 3D printing is becoming more and more popular I thought Id make a blog to keep all my research in one place. This research being what I find online that I think it going to be a big hit in the 3D printing community as well as following the latest developments.
        3D printing is growing at a huge rate at the present, This is of course due to the drop in prices that has happened over the past few years.This is becuase of many reasons though persoanlly I believe is because of the open source community. When Makerbot released the Cupcake CNC it was the first of its kind..was it the first 3D printer? No,but it was a 3D printer that an average man or woman could afford though due to the fact is was a kit not as many people were interested because although allot of people may know how to make an stl. file not everyone knows how to make a PCB with tiny surface mounted parts. But it was the first step in getting the average person into 3D printing and getting away from the frustratingly expensive Million dollar machines.

I intend to watch the 3D printing industry closely and see what happens :)

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